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Solar Panel Distribution in Okanagan - Talk Now Text Now

At Kelowna Solar, we will custom design a Solar PV System to suit your needs and project including roof mounted system, custom mounting design, or pad mounted remotesystem. We will work with you to ensure that the design and location of your solar energy installation is effective, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Kelowna Solar Systems Available:

Grid Tie
Enphase Micro-Inverters. 

  • Self contained AC solar modules.
  • Plug and Play kits maximize your solar production
  •  Ideal for limited roof space or roof surfaces containing dormers, valleys, and multi-directional slopes.

Kit includes Sharp, BP or Sanyo solar modules, Enphase DC-AC inverters and the EMS installation package including rails, mounting feet and hardware to secure the system to your roof. Installation manual also included. Add home run cable to get the AC power off the roof and an AC disconnect and your electrician will get you connected!

Off Grid Solar System

  • Ideal for installations where utility grid power is not available or too costly.
  • Can provide electricity for your entire household enabling you to have complete control of your electrical power.


Off grid solar system consists of a solar array (two or more solar modules) a solar controller to maximize your solar arrays output and controls battery charging), a bank of batteries to store the energy and an inverter used to convert the DC battery power into normal AC household electricity.

Battery Back Up Systems

  • Ideal for back up power during a power failure.
  • Back up feature will enable grid-tie solar production plus back up electricity for emergencies.
  • Fully integrated battery/inverter packages in compact cabinet include wiring, transfer switching, battery charging, circuit protection, grid monitoring.
  • Prewired for fast and easy installation.


RV Solar

  • Single power solar system is ideal for your RV needs.
  • Charges batteries and reduces generator usage and noise.
  • For additional power requirements, add-on kits provide additional panels.


Other services and installations available:

  • Mini/portable PV solar projects
  • PV solar projects installations at remote locations
  • Solar for boats
  • Remote towers
  • Remote water pumping
  • Wind Turbines
  • Outdoor lighting

We invite you to call Kelowna Solar at (778) 215-1122 to learn more about solar electrical systems and to book an appointment for a free estimate.
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