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Hey Kobi,
Thanks for hooking me up with this panel for my trailer. I don’t have to worry about my batteries dying and I don’t have to run my generator anymore. It’s pretty sleek and you don’t really have to do anything with it, except clean it and position it for maximum sunlight. I’d also like to thank you for showing me the ins and outs of how the system works. I plan on doing a lot of camping next summer and not having to lug a generator around anymore is a godsend.


Devin Klatt


Off Grid Cabin – Osprey Lake BC

Hello Kobi and Amanda,

We just want to say thank you for such wonderful service.  From the first meeting about our power needs to the last visit to check our water pump, we have been totally confident that using your company was one of the best decisions we’ve made.   I cannot recommend your company enough.  Not only were we impressed with your honesty and professionalism, we were pleasantly surprised by your desire to help us save money by working out faster routes to our cabin.  Though we were very happy from start to finish, the true compliments were from the other trades people who were also involved in finishing our cabin.  We were told a number a times how impressed they were with Kobi’s work.  His speed and efficiency were top on the list of compliments.

Thank you again for doing such an amazing job.

Darlene & Serge


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